Attention Marketing Executives –

Get strategic copywriting that shortens the sales cycle

We help companies large and small solve the following kinds of problems:

  • Pressure due to a high volume of writing projects
  • Frustration over copy that’s off strategy
  • Difficulty finding a writer who can describe complex products in a simple way
  • Distress over copy that isn’t connecting with customers and prospects.

If any of these issues sound familiar to you, maybe we should talk. The Copywriting Detective draws on priceless knowledge derived from work on brands including Dreyfus, Häagen-Dazs, Lexis-Nexis, McGraw-Hill, Scholastic, Scotts, Standard & Poor’s, TIAA, Value Line and more.

What we believe about copywriting

In our experience, the best business relationships are the ones where there’s similar thinking about the role of copywriting. So we’re sharing some of our core beliefs below.

  • The number one job of copywriting is to shorten and/or streamline the sales process. This job may require a combination of marketing materials, from ads to infographics to web sites.
  • Words sell. For the record, we care about design and typography. However, in our work with complex products and services, it’s the words that do the selling. Words describe the solution your company offers. And words convince people to take action.
  • Keep it simple. We’re big believers in making things just as simple as possible for customers. It’s worth the extra effort to boil ideas down to their essence. And if you don’t need to describe a particular feature to make the sale, leave it out.
  • A Creative (or Marketing) Brief is incredibly important. People often think they don’t have time to prepare a Creative Brief. However, a tremendous amount of time and effort can be lost when a project moves forward without one. It’s similar to building a house without a blueprint: delays and cost overruns are bound to follow.
  • Buying decisions are emotional. Copy should reflect this reality.
  • It pays to take a walk in the customer’s shoes. Good copywriting integrates the customer’s point of view. We strive to keep buying motivations front and center.

And when it comes to judging copy, the only opinion that really matters is the one that belongs to your customers. When an ad is placed in the market, potential customers will let you know if the message is on target.


If these beliefs make sense to you, give us a call at 1-844-267-9223. Or use the Contact form to send us an email.